WOTLK Leveling Guide – Leveling From 70-80 in the New WOTLK Expansion and the Fastest Way to Do It

WOTLK Leveling Guide – Leveling From 70-80 in the New WOTLK Expansion and the Fastest Way to Do It

Leveling in Northrend will be the next hurdle every World of Warcraft player will have to get over. With a whole new world obtainable it will be interesting to see just how effective we’ll all be at it. While many of our community have already had a first crack at Northrend because of the beta server many of us have not. That being said it’s safe to expect a few people to catapult themselves to 80, having had some exposure to WOTLK, knowing the lay of Northrend and yes already the quests. Those who manage to level from 70-80 quickly will find themselves alone in the end game kind raids and example reaping all the rewards and leaving many behind in the dust, while those who are going to be experiencing leveling from 70-80 for the first time will most likely have to grind there way to level 80. The question on many peoples’ minds is, “How can I level from 70-80 the fastest?”

The answer is truly quite simple. Get yourself a Warcraft leveling guide or Guides.

There were those people in the beta release who were there to have fun and scope out the new toys and gear. Then there were those people who, for the good of us all, mapped out the new quests, battled by the 10 levels from 70-80 to discover what to do and to help others on quests in the new WOTLK expansion.


Four groups in particular have poised themselves as the leaders in the field of leveling guides and specifically in the field of WOTLK leveling guides. Zygor Guides, iDemise, Joana’s World & Brian Kopp’s leveling guides are all slated to come out with releases/updated for the expansion pack the day it hits the shelves.

What does this average for your leveling from 70-80?


This method that not only do you have someone on the inside who’s gone by and provided notes on quests and the fastest ways to level from 70-80, you truly have several teams that have incorporated them into already successful leveling guides.

All four guides are well established in the World of Warcraft community and have only solidified their places with the near moment updates for WOTLK.


Leveling in WOTLK will now be a breeze for two groups of people:

1. Those that had exposure to the beta servers and know the new Northrend area in addition as the quests; and,

2. Those that get their own WOTLK leveling guide to level the playing field.


Alas, those who do not will ultimately level from 70-80, but perhaps weeks after the first surge of people have already hit the magical level 80.

Those are the groups you can fall into, I know which one I’m in (2).


We’ll have to see just how long the next 10 levels take to unprotected to, but if the old 60-70 leveling is any indication; we’re talking weeks if not months.


Best of luck to you, see you in Northrend.

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