Your Own Psychic Detective

Your Own Psychic Detective

Who could be your own psychic detective to give you insight on your health? You, of course. But, you’ll need a starting set of instructions to make things easier. You can learn, over time, to trust your intuition and make better choices regarding your health. You can help your medical specialized by getting a head start on clearing up the areas of your life that are impeding your health.

Sound too good to be true? Look back in history prior to Western Medicine. Remember it’s only a few hundred years old. What did we do before that? We had people and techniques and intuition to rely on that kept us healthy. I’ll teach you one of the simplest tools you were born with in just a moment. Before you learn it please use your shared sense and add it to your healthcare plans. It’s an additional tool and is not meant to replace anything. A good medical provider is a priceless gem in your life. Add this intuition tool to what you’re already doing to take care of yourself.

Onto the technique. Squint your vision so the objects you’re looking at get fuzzy and blurry. We all know what that looks like; a movie being out of focus.

Next, decide to drop all your preconceived ideas about “what’s wrong with you” or “your current injury or condition.” Just pretend you’re hitting the PAUSE button on the litany of ideas you have about your current health problem or challenge. Okay? Great.

Now close your eyes and briefly examine your whole body front and back, top to bottom and notice what place looks the fuzziest or blurriest. Keep this quick and simple. The whole examine should take about 30 seconds. No more. You’re only looking for ONE blurry place; if you find three, you’re going to always pick the most-blurry. Finally, this is done with eyes closed. It’s an imagination and intuition exercise only.

If your knee is really hurting and your examine discloses the blurriest place is your knee…begin to speculate your mind is trying to distract your from your intuition. The blurriest place is almost NEVER where the pain or difficulty is. Really.

So…you’ve got a blurry place you’ve located. Now what? Keep your attention there and for about 30 seconds or so imagine the blurriness (it’s really vigorous congestion) clearing up all by itself. As if by magic. When you’re done notice what has improved. If it feels right to you do it again a few minutes later or a few hours later. You can do it as frequently as you like until you get the improvements you’re after.

How does it work? You clarify vigorous congestion and then alter it and that leads a change in the rest of your system so improvements happen naturally. Sound too good or simple? Try it for yourself and your pets too. Enjoy!

Copyright 2011 by Rudy Hunter. All rights reserved.

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